I use all elements in my ritual work and incorporate candle magick with herbal magick and so on, depending on the ritual I am performing. Pictures of the ritual/spell work will be emailed to you followed by any intuitive messages I may have received or felt during the ritual. Ritual/spell work will be emailed to you 3 days after purchase.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have, I am always willing to discuss further details with you.

You can chose one of the following ritual services: (Please advise service purchase in note/comment section at checkout)

*** Love - Aims to work inciting attraction, romance spark, feelings of love, admiration, desire and passion

*** Protection and Banishing - Aims to eliminates negative energies/lower vibrations from your energetic field.

*** Cord Cutting - Cut the energetic cords between you and another person/people or whatever you feel no longer serves you. Jumpstart the healing process so you can move forward.

*** Success/Abundance - Aims to promote success in to any aspect of your life. Wether it’s studies, work or personal goals. Whatever success means to you, however big or small.

*** Healing & Energy Cleanse- A renewal and refreshment cleanse. Using a singing bowel, fresh botanicals and potent herbs for cleansing. This ritual is good to shake off bad or stagnant energies.

*** Personal Spell Work: Please specify exactly what type of spell you are wanting. Please provide me with your name, date of birth, and the names of anyone involved or any information you feel will be helpful for the spell. Please also provide your email address for me to send you over some photos! I aim to have all spell work done within 3 days of booking. I provide you with images of the spell work being done for you, explanations and any feedback I may have felt during the spell work.

Though it is important to know that sometimes spells can take TIME and can have a different outcome that benefits you. All I can do is perform this spell on your behalf, using my experience and tools, the rest is up to the universe! Blessed be πŸ–€