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Money Glass Jar 30ml

  • Money Glass Jar  30ml
  • Money Glass Jar  30ml
  • Money Glass Jar  30ml
  • Money Glass Jar  30ml

Use this special money blend to aid in the daily manifestation of financial & career related opportunities. You can also use this blend to bring in good luck when undertaking new goals relating to your financial and career goals, such as looking for a new job or any venture that ties into the material aspect of your life. These jars have been infused with reiki energy and charged on my altar for 3 days. 100% handmade. Bowel and candles not included.

- Carry this money blend in your pocket, purse or keep under your pillow. Sprinkle this blend in the corners of your home or place of business to bring prosperity. Make a circle of abundance around candle working for an extra boost of energy or place it on your altar space for maximum amplification.
Use a candle to activate this blend and help call in universal abundance into your life.

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