Bath Milk // Bath Salt // Trio

  • Bath Milk // Bath Salt // Trio
  • Bath Milk // Bath Salt // Trio

Take time to self care and indulge yourself with these luxurious bath essentials. Entice your senses with our handcrafted bath salts and bath milk. Add rose petals to your bath to enhance the luxurious experience. Each is custom blended with the finest organic herbs and essential oils. Each trio comes with 3 muslim bags.

APHRODITE'S LOVE BATH SALT - Pink Himalayan Salt, Epson Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Buds and Lavender Buds.

MILK & HONEY BATH MILK - Organic Dehydrated Coconut Milk, Honey Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt, Colloidal Oats, Tapioca Flour, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Kaolin Clay, Coconut Essence Oil, Calendula Flower and Jasmine Buds.

ABUNDANCE BATH SALT - Epsom Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Bergamot Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Dehydrated Oranges, Lemongrass Herb and Jasmine Buds.